Stained Leaded Lights & Windows

As we all know stained leaded lights have a great deal of character due to the colour, design and let’s not forget as many do, the texture. For years we have been encapsulating these inside a double glazed unit which means the texture of the glass and lead is lost. However, we now have a new glazing method where the leaded light remains in place and most importantly undisturbed, as often they are damaged when removed.

By installing a double glazed uni internally with moisture extracting pellets between leaded glass and the new vacuum sealed double glassed unit, all is retained including the internal mouldings as a bespoke beading is made to conceal the perimeter of the double glazed unit, and tie in and match the original moulding perfectly, this obviously varies on all designs of windows, frames and casements. In this case, a rebated bead will need to be bespoke made but as all of our customers agree, we believe this is a great method and you will be very happy with the finish results. We can include a local job reference for you to view.